Hungama 2 movie review


Post Split-Hawthorne is a story of what happens when two women build a shrine of infinite service in rural India called Noor Ijq Lahore. Hathiram Kadvi’s (Suriya) Satanic (Meezaan) has been hired by his neighbors to convert the town lands for mass ceremonies. He has his wife of 30 years (Paresh Rawal) to host the events and help.

Walking into the house to facilitate events, the Indian neighbors begin to talk about what they are looking for in a bride. Some try to see Hathiram’s good side. Others think they are blinded by passion. Hathiram and his wife talk about everything from the village gossip that they are hiding a truth about their life, to whether they chose him to save the land, to whether they want to use the business for artistic expression.

Our reviewer adores Hathiram’s character, as he really did for Unsilent, and I was happy to be back working with him. Hathiram is how a big man should talk with his wife. He isn’t as harsh as to say things people have to hide from each other. His approach of openness and a sense of honesty with his wife is refreshing to see.

Most of the performers are very solid.

Shilpa Shetty is amazing as a witch. And Meezaan Jaaferi is the funniest and cleverest person I’ve seen him in a comedy. Meezaan’s very in command of his characters as he always is.

Meezaan’s humor that keeps funny (for an actor) is worth every second of waiting for his cameo appearance!

Also, Anti (Ashwini Kalsekar) should be on the list. Her presence in the film has been very healthy and adds loads of heart to the film!

To conclude, the film is quite simple and entertaining. It is an alittle sloppy film in its first couple of scenes, but by the end of the film, it has been built to be a beautiful slice of life film with a very wide open and starry cast!

You have to wait 30 seconds.


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