Yes I Am A Student Movie Review : The story impresses the audience but not the acting of Sidhu Moosewala

Kontak is one of the students of Grade 6. He studies hard all day and is enthusiastic to share this information. But the music of his name is hardly played at the school. His mom had a dream to send him abroad but he faced a tough time during the selection process. He lands at a different school through tele-communication but it proves disastrous. The school gives a lukewarm response to him. The curriculum is too challenging for him. He leaves the school and settles in a porta-potty. An unfaithful partner took advantage of him and cheats on him in the name of love. He seeks help from the senior faculty member. He applies to the higher education institution and the findings are mixed to the satisfaction of him. He makes brilliant grades but the school never gives a pat on the back. The set up is rigid. The teachers and school management discourage him from applying to the high-profile schools. He applies to Cambridge University to make it in the Cambridge English Department. He applies himself hard and there is a tremendous buzz among all the students. The teachers are very happy to see him. The logo of this prestigious college has a man. They try to give him the best grades but the school doesn’t support his thirst to become good.

CORRATION: Somani, the senior advisor of the cultural council of Cambridge University, takes her son Sidhu around the campus to explore the campus culture. The following scene talks about how she set her example with Shesh. Somani sits close to Sidhu and admits that she is disappointed with the school. She wants to lead Sidhu towards a well-paying job. She asks Sidhu to visit a school of her choice. But the school ignores her advice and never gives a positive response on him. She tells Sidhu to try the recommended website. This was an instant turn-around for Sidhu’s life. Sidhu got an offer from her friend Sam’s school in Montreal, Canada.

PERFORMANCE: Sidhu was exciting to watch. He could not help being attracted to the girl who was shy and a bit aloof. He couldn’t help peeking into her dressing and interviewing her. He became an instigator in the grounds and forced her into disclosing her content to him. He narrates her and she bursts into tears. He was persistent. But he didn’t did much digging. As their conversation continues, it comes out that this girl is very lonely. They had no other class mate, the school that was close to where Sidhu grew up, and the social and sports activities. He was eager to solve this problem. One day, when they were out having a cup of tea, she started to talk to him. When she tells him that she wants to visit the school of her choice and that she doesn’t want to return home after she passes this exam, Sidhu initiated conversations with her. He grew close to her on a personal level. But she is reluctant about it. It is a relief to Sidhu when she decides to return home and he starts to pursue the other studies.

EQUIVALENT: Strongly recommended status by the tutor. Pragmatic and up-to-date on current affairs.

WHO IS COMING: Society nowadays offers more indulging opportunities in terms of career choices for future achievement and creativity. With a shift from manual labor to digitized technologies and tech-based jobs, the earth is becoming a small world with few global families. The prospects are favorable for college graduates today.

WORTH SEEING: The scene where Sidhu seems mesmerized with American school girl Christina. Theirs was a quick-wind conversation because she didn’t even know where Sidhu was from. She was excited about going to a place where she was the newest one in that college. At the end of the conversation, she thanked Sidhu. For the first time, her heart melted. They parted away.

SECURE SITUATION: Sandy is cheerful and feels welcomed with open arms. She plays cards with Sidhu regularly to play an extension of their relationship.

LOAN ACCOMPLATION: One student asks Sidhu a few questions regarding their child. The moral of the story is always positive, and makes positive psychological impacts for everyone.

LOCAL BEST: The many cultural activities for kids are what is enhancing their self-esteem and providing them with values like sharing.

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