Hawkeye movie review

Hawkeye/ Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) has always been the quietest of the Avengers, along with his best friend Black Widow/ Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson), who sacrificed herself in Avengers: Endgame so Clint could live. While Natasha's family was made up of the Avengers themselves, Clint had a family of his own: wife Laura (Linda Cardellini) and three kids; Lila, Cooper, and Nathaniel (Ava Russo, Ben Sakamoto, and Cade Woodward, respectively). But after he lost all of them in the Snap — that's what Thanos did in Avengers: Infinity War — for five years he took “his pain and rage and sadness out on every bad guy on the planet,” as Renner said in a production diary for the series. It's barely addressed in Endgame, as the three-hour film had a lot on its mind, but this is now fertile ground for Hawkeye's own TV series. After all, most superheroes including Hawkeye operate with self-imposed rules. Not everyone is as extreme as Batman about it, but they generally try to prevent loss of life unless it's the only route left to save themselves or someone else. But when Clint transformed into the sword-wielding death-dealing Ronin for five years, he went far beyond that. “Clint went full-on vigilante. Justified or not, it's a giant weight on him because he knew he was going outside the moral code of what he is,” Renner added.
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