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Pinky Moge Wali 2

Short film came on Netflix India on 6 Sep, 2021. It stars Neha Malik, Jimmy Sharma, and Rana Jung Bahadur.

The two main characters in the film are Gurneet (Neha Malik) and Rana (Jimmy Sharma). They were introduced via the title card so we knew who they were. The film starts off as we all know. Some nasty people have come to a little village seeking fun. We are introduced to Jimmy in his city where he has got this friend, Gurneet. Jimmy is a college student. They are both and at some point meet, so we know a bit about Jimmy.

They are both bit reckless and go back to their hometown when they think their “sons” have scored. It was known as a silly journey. They don’t stick around and probably should have. Gurneet is already married. She has a sassy way of looking at things. Gurneet is married to a lady called Jaswinder Kaur (Rana Jung Bahadur). I feel for them, it is such a good excuse to leave but sometimes it is hard to turn down fun and see kids and new people.

That is why it is sad. The kids are happier and certainly younger than Jaswinder. She finds her daughter’s paradise. Gurneet is her just broken heart.

After Gurneet leaves, we first see someone in pretty bad shape. Somebody kills his friend and then happens to fall into Gurneet’s grip to share her life with him. Rana meets out on the streets. Sure, my comments for this are that it is boring. There are no dramatic actions. There is nobody at all really caring about anybody else and just feeling like the hopeless person they are. Also in that incident in street Jai Singhkaur (Neha Malik), Jimmy, my favourite character has killed his under-age friend Kiksha and is serving time to what they did. He has got to be bad Karma!

We have no real clue what Gurneet has done or who he is. Another main character in the film (Gurneet’s Dr Pranay Arora) has some moral qualities. His passion is medical science. This is all that you can say. He takes a student for a year and tries to make her a more clinical doctor. So Gurneet is mentored by him. Jimmy also mentored Shabana and Dr Grewup. I wonder if, somewhere along the way the whole group, Jimmy, Neha and Jimmy will develop issues about their stay away from their family.

Angry so many movies. The villain-specific formula is being broken. It is heart breaking to see normal people go to the extent of doing crazy things. I am not aware about any common reasons for someone to plan an evil act but then often it is pretty common to hear of people leaving their lives to lead like crazy. These negative acts are planned, pre-planned and motivated but I am not sure how they pull it off. I can tell you though, if I was in their place, I would look at the hotel management as volunteers. I would probably get more comfortable.

The movie has done really well with that idea. It has given way to some interesting encounters that happened in between. Listening to local musicians is obvious but it seems they have let their music reign into the local paddy fields in order to play and we have a performance there too. Unfortunately, the music is weak and forgettable. I think that is the truth of the matter. If you like a film which has talented musicians and good “punjabi jokes”, then I would give it a go. It is still entertaining but I don’t really think about it. It may be under the impression it is for people who like films in Urdu and Punjabi but most people would watch this for its urban Indian elements.

The plot of the film is much like a VFX computer drama of from a horror movie. Neha Patel is really good at the female character and Jimmy Sharma playing an egotistical individual is hilarious but nothing else really highlights the local locations. It is not really up to much as a result. It did not come out as a really nice positive look at the world around us but, for me, there is a beauty to just sitting and being glued in our homes watching something romantic or more normal and nothing else really.

Pinky Moge Wali 2 is great fun but it is maybe not my cup of tea. I would

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