Republic movie is real story or not


The recent Telugu film 
Tuck Jagadish showed actor Nani as a Mandal Revenue Officer. In Republic, the Telugu film directed by Deva Katta and slated to release in theatres on October 1, actor Sai Dharam Tej plays a District Collector who stands his ground despite political pressures. The hero as an agent of change and the good versus evil battle is not new, but Deva Katta hopes Republic can challenge people’s understanding of democracy.

Republic pits Sai Dharam Tej against a powerful politician played by Ramya Krishna.

“Most of us don’t have a deep understanding of terms such as autocracy, democracy, socialism, communism or capitalism. We live in a democracy without truly understanding what it entails,” he says. He does not nurture romantic notions that cinema can spark a change in society, but believes that a well thought-out story can make people understand the root cause of problems.

The director reflects on his journey before elaborating on the film. Born in Kadapa in Andhra Pradesh, he moved with his family to Chennai when he was in Class VII. After completing Engineering in Chennai, he worked in the USA where he also studied Filmmaking. Despite an interest in cinema since school days, a corporate job was a financial necessity for the middle-class youngster. “Remember those black and white portions in 3 Idiots about the financial crisis in Sharman Joshi’s family? My situation was somewhat similar,” he remarks in a lighter vein. He made his first feature film Vennela (2005) while in the US and then moved to Hyderabad to make Prasthanam (2010), regarded his best work to date.

It's based on a real story. Whenever such real stories are discussed on screen, audiences would be able to connect to the story more

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