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Critic's Rating: 2.0/5
STORY: Abhishek Oberoi, from an affluent family, falls in love with Sania, a small-town girl with a dark past. Will her past have an impact on their relationship, or will they be able to keep it together? This is the core premise of the story.

REVIEW: Abhishek Oberoi aka Abby (Adhyayan Suman) comes from an affluent family, whereas Sania (Angel) is a career-oriented girl from a small town who has moved to Delhi. Although opposites attract, but, in this case, Abby is drawn to Sania despite the fact that she has no room for a relationship. Her ignorance is what drives him insane in his want to learn more about her.

The concept of a girl's ignorance causing a boy to go insane and making him wonder why isn't new. Writer-director, Amit Kasaria uses an urbane backdrop to tell a simple story that starts off in Delhi. There aren’t too many characters in the film. However, Sania’s ex-boyfriend Rohit (Dev Sharma) and their boss Sahil (Anurag Sharma), who has been interested in her since they first met, are two of the characters who get a lot of screen time to reveal their weak and predictable backstories. Most of it comes through the flashbacks, which take away the focus from Sania and Abby’s budding romance.

The film’s USP is its melodious music. Both the title track sung by Dev Negi, Swaransh Mishra and the song ‘Mere Zehen Mein’ by Sonu Nigam, are soulful and well-choreographed (by Adil Shaikh) with prominent Delhi places such as CP and Qutub Minar in the background. The dancing number, ‘Jab Se Hui Sagai‘ by Daler Mehndi is placed randomly, since it appears right after an emotional scene.

While Adhyayan Suman appears to be convincing as Abby, his junoon for Sania isn’t. When compared to his previous performances, Adhyayan has improved a lot. Debutante Angel is quite camera cautious, which is quite visible on screen. She needs to fine-tune her emotional scenes; for instance, the sequence where they first met, and she sobbed a lot in front of Abby is just not convincing. Yuri Suri and Divya Seth as Abby’s parents are endearing. Sania’s best friend Neha (Gulki Joshi) and Abby's circle of childhood mates are always there for them.

Overall, it’s an old wine served in an old bottle, but with a little more depth and soul, this love story could have been a decent watch.

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